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Speech Contests

Central Florida Facilitators conducts four speech contests every year. The International Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest are held in the Spring, and the Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest are held in the Fall. Winners advance to the Area Contest, winners at the Area Contest advance to the Division Contest, and winners at the Division Contest advance the the District Contest. Winners of the Humorous Speech, Table Topics, and Evaluation Contests at the District level are crowned District Champions, however the winner of the District International Speech Contest advances to the International Semifinals, and the winners of the International Semifinals compete in the International Finals for the title of World Champion of Public speaking.
 International Speech Jonathan Dunn - "Start With Your Heart"
 Table Topics Steven Morgan

 Humorous Speech Mark Loughry - "The Moby Dick"
 Evaluation Steven Morgan

Spring 2015
 International Speech Jonathan Dunn - "Who Rescued Whom?"
 Table Topics Julian Coto

 Humorous Speech Mark Loughry - "Regifting, 40 Years and Counting"
 Evaluation Jonathan Dunn

 International Speech Charlie Bombalier - "Sounds of Silence"
 Table Topics Steven Morgan

Fall 2013
 Humorous Speech Jonathan Dunn - "In Too Deep"
 Evaluation Toni Gitles

Spring 2013
 International Speech Steven Morgan - "The Color of Success"
 Table Topics Jonathan Dunn

Fall 2012
 Humorous Speech Steven Morgan - "What If"
 Evaluation Toni Gitles

Spring 2012
 International Speech Steven Morgan - "You Don't Know Jack"
 Table Topics Tony Salvagio

Fall 2011
 Humorous Speech Mike Judy - "All In The Name Of Science"
 Evaluation Jessica Guthrie 

Spring 2011
 International Speech Steven Morgan - "Are You Smarter Than A 5th-Grader?"
 Table Topics Toni Gitles

Fall 2010
 Humorous Speech No Contest
 Evaluation Jessica Guthrie

Spring 2010
 International Speech Steven Morgan - "Defining Moments"
 Table Topics Steven Morgan

Fall 2009
 Humorous Speech Mike Taylor - "Highlights of Europe"
 Evaluation Gloria Esteban

Spring 2009
 International Speech
 Table Topics
 Humorous Speech Steven Morgan - "The Nutless Wonder"
 Evaluation Steven Morgan

Spring 2008
 International Speech Travis Warren - "Remembering Vicky Williams"
 Table Topics Cynthia Peel-Knight

Fall 2007
 Humorous Speech Steven Morgan - "The Pursuit of Happiness"
 Evaluation Steven Morgan

Spring 2007
 International Speech Steven Morgan - "The Magic Pen"
 Table Topics Travis Warren

Fall 2006
 Humorous Speech Steven Morgan - "V.W.I."
 Evaluation Ralph Jean-Paul

Spring 2006
 International Speech
 Table Topics

Fall 2005
 Humorous Speech Jim Ellis
 Evaluation Toni Gitles

Spring 2005
 International Speech James Webb
 Table Topics Steven Morgan

Fall 2004
 Humorous Speech Toni Gitles 
 Evaluation Jessica Schlenk 

Spring 2004
 International Speech
 Table Topics

Fall 2003
 Humorous Speech Pat Vestal