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Outstanding Facilitator

Outstanding Facilitator

Awarded by the President with input from the officers, to the toastmaster whose commitment, dedication and enthusiasm has helped make our club what it is. Consideration to attendance, # of roles and # of awards.

Some of the things we look at:

  • Attendance
  • Consistently winning awards
  • Leadership by serving as officer and displaying excellence in that role
  • Displays outstanding wisdom as general evaluator balancing hard corrective insight with a soft and supportive demeanor
  • Consistent positive attitude
  • Did they model the essence of what it means to be a Toastmaster
  • Taking seriously her growth as a TM
  • Enthusiasm.

 Spring 2016
Steven Morgan
Fall 2015Toni Gitles
Spring 2015Jonathan Dunn
Fall 2014
 Charlie Bombalier
Spring 2014Micki Dumitrescu
Fall 2013Micki Dumitrescu
Spring 2013Julian Coto
Fall 2012Steven Morgan
Spring 2012Toni Gitles
Fall 2011Mike Judy
Spring 2011Marilyn Chastain
Fall 2010Jessica Guthrie
Spring 2010Amy Haiken
Fall 2009Eunsoo Cho
Spring 2009
Fall 2008Jim Rucquoi
Spring 2008Meifa Chen
Fall 2007Steven Morgan
Spring 2007Jim Ellis
Fall 2006Sarah DiSabato
Spring 2006Jim Ellis
Fall 2005Toni Gitles
Spring 2005Isabel Osth
Fall 2004Jessica Schlenk