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Central Florida Facilitators gratefully acknowledges the contributions of our club officers. They gave of themselves that all of us may learn and grow.

Fall 2017
President Toni Gitles
 VP Education Gail Hill Smith
 VP Membership Julian Coto
VP Public Relations Jessica Guthrie
Secretary Roy Wittig
Treasurer Jaye Majors
Sergeant-at-Arms Jonathan Dunn

Spring 2017Fall 2016
PresidentJaye MajorsMark Loughry
VP EducationGail Hill SmithSusan Morgan
VP Membership?Roy Wittig
VP Public RelationsRenee TaylorMaureen Martin
SecretaryToni GitlesToni Gitles
Treasurer?Alan Lamphere
Sergeant-at-Arms?Jonathan Dunn

Spring 2016 Fall 2015
President Mark Loughry Charlie Bombalier
VP Education Susan Morgan Susan Morgan
VP Membership Tim Ricke
Roy Wittig
Cece Ward
VP Public Relations Steven Morgan Maureen Martin
Secretary Toni Gitles Toni Gitles
Treasurer Jaye Majors Alan Lamphere
Sergeant-at-Arms Jonathan Dunn Jonathan Dunn

 Spring 2015 Fall 2014
 President Charlie Bombalier
Jonathan Dunn
VP Education  Micki Dumitrescu  Micki Dumitrescu
VP Membership  Jonathan Dunn
Alan Lamphere
James Riggs
 VP Public Relations Mark Loughry
Mark Loughry
 Secretary Toni Gitles
Sarah Hunt
 Treasurer Gail Hill Smith
Charlie Bombalier
 Sergeant-at-Arms James Riggs
Willie Naranjo
Michann Acevedo

 Spring 2014 Fall 2013
 President Jonathan Dunn  Gail Hill Smith
VP Education  Micki Dumitrescu  Julian Coto
VP Membership   Pat Stogner Pat Stogner
Susan Morgan
 VP Public Relations Steven Morgan Steven Morgan
 Secretary Susan Morgan Micki Dumitrescu
 Treasurer Ed Clark Lynn Ayres
 Sergeant-at-Arms  Charlie Bombalier Charlie Bombalier

 Spring 2013 Fall 2012
 President Toni Gitles Susan Morgan
Amy Haiken
VP Education  Lynn Ayres Steven Morgan
VP Membership  Jessica Guthrie Travis Kemp
Pat Stogner
 VP Public Relations Jonathan Dunn
Steven Morgan
Charlie Bombalier
 Secretary Micki Dumitrescu Micki Dumitrescu
 Treasurer Julian Coto Julian Coto
 Sergeant-at-Arms  Pat Stogner Pat Stogner
Lynn Ayres

 Spring 2012 Fall 2011
 President Julian Coto Toni Gitles
VP Education  Toni Gitles Steven Morgan
VP Membership  Tony Salvagio
Travis Kemp
Mike Judy
 VP Public Relations Jorge Elias
Charlie Bombalier
Michelle Dalier
 Secretary  Gail Hill Smith Horacio Gomez
Carl Stewart
Pat Stogner
 Treasurer Jameson Schnetzler John Widman
 Sergeant-at-Arms  Pat Stogner Jessie Baldwin

 Spring 2011 Fall 2010
 President Steven Morgan Glynn Birch
Steven Morgan
VP Education  Marilyn Chastain Jessica Guthrie
VP Membership  Gail Hill Smith Megan Nelson
 VP Public Relations Julian Coto Gonzelas Cutts
 Secretary Suzanne Lynch Micki Dumitrescu
 Treasurer John Widman Steve Procta
 Sergeant-at-Arms Jameson Schnetzler Wendy Wood
John Widman

 Spring 2010 Fall 2009
 President Susan Morgan  Rose Audette
VP Education  Rose Audette
Amy Haiken
Eun-Soo Cho
VP Membership  Meifa Chen Gail Hill Smith
 VP Public Relations Jim Rucquoi Mike Judy
 Secretary Micki Dumitrescu Ralph Jean-Paul
 Treasurer Jorge Elias Laura Finney
Charlie Bombalier
 Sergeant-at-Arms Charlie Bombalier Jorge Elias

 Spring 2009 Fall 2008
 President  Ralph Jean-Paul Meifa Chen
VP Education  Meifa Chen  Jim Rucquoi
VP Membership   Lisa Palmer Cunthia Peel-Knight
 VP Public Relations Stokely Gittens Steven Morgan
 Secretary Gloria Borrero Gail Hill Smith
 Treasurer Jason Dean Jim Ellis
 Sergeant-at-Arms Charlie Bombalier Adele Azar-Rucquoi

 Spring 2008 Fall 2007
 President  Jessica Schlenk  Gail Hill Smith
VP Education  Meifa Chen Steven Morgan 
VP Membership  Cynthia Peel-Knight Toni Gitles
 VP Public Relations Gail Hill Smith Jim Ellis
 Secretary  Alyssa Hoskinson
Amy Haiken
Susan Morgan
 Treasurer Abigail Edelstein Jim Ellis
Jessica Schlenk
 Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Rucquoi Tom Pax
Meifa Chen

 Spring 2007 Fall 2006
 President Toni Gitles Toni Gitles
VP Education  Amy Haiken Isabel Osth
VP Membership  Gail Hill Smith Gloria Esteban
 VP Public Relations Jason Dean
Jim Ellis
Bob Belmont
 Secretary  Susan Morgan Sarah Disabato
 Treasurer Jim Ellis Jim Ellis
 Sergeant-at-Arms  Lidia Kinsey
Tom Pax
Isabel Osth

 Spring 2006 Fall 2005
 President  Steven Morgan  Steven Morgan
VP Education  Isabel Osth Karen Marsh
VP Membership  Toni Gitles Lisa Palmer
 VP Public Relations Gail Hill Smith Toni Gitles
 Secretary  Toni Gitles Joyce Smith
 Treasurer  Jim Ellis Sara Bull
 Sergeant-at-Arms Sara Bull Isabel Osth

 Spring 2005 Fall 2004
 President  Tim Chastain  Tim Chastain
VP Education  Amy Haiken   Donna Hall 
VP Membership  Toni Gitles Jessica Schlenk 
 VP Public Relations  Wendy Barager Marilyn Chastain
 Secretary Marilyn Chastain Gail Hill Smith 
 Treasurer Gail Hill Smith Karen Marsh 
 Sergeant-at-Arms Isabel Osth Isabel Osth

 Spring 2004 Fall 2003
 President  Jessica Schlenk  Jessica Schlenk
VP Education  Tim Chastain   Tim Chastain 
VP Membership   Sue Sweetland Tim Wachtel 
 VP Public Relations  Wendy Barager Pat Vestal 
 Secretary  Gail Hill Smith Mike Shamp 
 Treasurer  Karen Marsh Mike Shamp 
 Sergeant-at-Arms  Mike Shamp Sandra Blossey