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Jeanine Stroud Service Award

Jeanine Stroud Service Award

This award goes to the individual who modeled the spirit of toastmasters by serving frequently, effectively and enthusiastically in a variety of roles at CFF weekly meetings.

We kept track of every role held by every TM in the club. How it was looked at:

  • Who performed the most roles (toastmaster, table topics, Gen eval, and functionary) (did not count speakers, evaluators, greeters, thought for the day)
  • Did not include officers and their weekly roles
  • Did not include those who responded to table topics

What Jeanine Stroud provides:

  • Exemplary Toastmaster skills
  • High energy into the club
  • Continues to provide mentoring and coaching

 Spring 2016
Susan Morgan
Fall 2015Mark Loughry
Spring 2015Susan Morgan
Fall 2014
 Linda Earls
Spring 2014Charlie Bombalier
Fall 2013Jonathan Dunn
Spring 2013Susan Morgan
Fall 2012Lynn Ayres
Spring 2012Pat Stogner
Fall 2011Marilyn Chastain
Spring 2011Susan Morgan
Fall 2010Mike Taylor
Spring 2010Gail Hill Smith
Fall 2009Jim Rucquoi
Spring 2009
Fall 2008Susan Morgan
Spring 2008Amy Haiken
Fall 2008Mike Taylor
Fall 2007Amy Haiken
Spring 2007Amy Haiken
Fall 2006Amy Haiken
Spring 2006Amy Haiken
Spring 2006Sara Bull
Spring 2006Jim Ellis
Fall 2005Amy Haiken
Spring 2005Marilyn Chastain